Can We Unite On This One, Sisters?

Am I the only one who views the videos for Anaconda and Booty as giant steps back for women?

Let me begin with a little about me: I am not a member of The Tea Party, a Bible beater, or Amish. I drink, wear lingerie, and think flirting is both fun and healthy. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton (C’mon, we know she’s running.) just because she’s a woman. I am not a mother, and I am still a ways off from forty. I am a woman though.

I am a woman who watched Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video last month, and watched Jennifer Lopez/Iggy Azalea’s Booty video this month, and can’t help but wonder if I’m going to watch Taylor Swift’s literal asshole next month to honor the horrid trend of female artists pumping their naked ass for the entire duration of a music video. My bad – they aren’t naked – a sewing string drapes their crack while they bounce face down/ass up. Ahhh, to watch Angels dance…

You just know Gloria Steinem’s like Give me a metal pipe and thirty seconds in an unmonitored room with each of them. I would pay to hear Malala Yousafzai’s reaction to both videos. No, I don’t carry a roll of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins in my purse because I’m an avid devotee to the feminist’s agenda, but can we unite on this one, sisters?

I’m not against shock value. I actually dig it when shock leads to a good point, hence the value, but there is nothing valuable in these videos. Nothing. Actual nothingness holds more value than these videos. Every day women fight to not be seen as “just a piece of ass,” yet Minaj, Lopez, and Azalea, regard themselves as nothing more and encourage the same from their female fans.

And while we’re on it, can we put to bed songs about big butts already? Freddie Mercury and Sir Mix-a-Lot mastered it and they did it in a way that hailed large girls for owning their size. If this trend is truly to make women of a certain size feel welcome at the club along with “the skinny bitches” as poet Minaj so delicately writes it, then I want to start hearing songs about kankles. Ooooh, yeahhh, the girl be showin off phat kankles. She got a knee, but no ankle…It’s dope with the right beat. Anyhoo…

I’m sure in some twisted way, these women view their choice to strip and shake as empowering, but they’re confusing the elementary concept of dare-energy with empowerment. They are no more empowering than a streaker at a football game. And let’s be careful about the concept of “female empowerment.” A woman who has a rockin body but doesn’t feel the need to define herself by it is empowered, as is a woman who has gratitude for her functioning body which may not be rockin as society would define it.

Shaking your naked ass with a look/don’t look at me attitude only empowers women to be a cock-tease, which is just as cheap as being a piece of ass, which an empowered woman will so vehemently oppose. Treat your sex how you want the opposite sex to treat you. It’s only equal that way.

If nothing else, these videos are simply unoriginal. These women are supposed to be artists, so create and inspire. Don’t degrade with a pathetic clutch to gain attention. That’s as weak as using sympathy to make friends.

I was going to post the videos below, but decided you could just as easily shake your ass in the mirror the next time you get out of the shower. It’s the exact same thing (minus the perfect lighting, makeup, and angles of course).