Voting On Love. Really?

Defense Of Marriage Act?  More like the Defense Of Hatred Act.  Either way, good riddance! 

I thought love is one of those untouchable human privileges…like breathing.  People defend their right to write and speak hatred, but the moment someone defends his/her right to love, they are a simple-minded, unrealistic, God-less hippy.  Why is this?  Who’s afraid of what here?  Fear is the real issue, but for the life of me, I can’t understand what people who oppose same-sex marriage are afraid will happen.  Do they think this will lead to people marrying animals?  Everything will go to extremes, right?  Hey, if a moose can verbalize his love for a human and the two are consenting, then I’ll applaud their union as well.  I’ll think it’s odd, but who am I to stop two beings in their pursuit of happiness?  Pursuit of Happiness is still a thing, right?  I mean, we’re all still for it?  Or should we put it to a vote?

I find it embarrassing that it’s 2013 in America and the issue of who is allowed to marry who is an actual issue.  Is love really a topic worth a government vote?  This is a human privilege that we’ve placed in the hands of government.  Really?  Everyone’s cool with this?  And yes, I understand, the essence (as far as government is concerned) of DOMA has to do with money (the root of all evil, a-hem), but on the very real surface it has to do with people.  Sadly, people have become dispensable for political agenda.  Case in point: war.  Every single one of them.  Government should only be allowed to execute decisions on love if they can properly execute decisions on war.  Considering the stellar job they’ve done on war decision making, love would be back in the hands of individuals, where it never should have left.  While I’m proud of our maturing government for finally knocking down DOMA, can they grow up a little quicker and save much pain in regards to future human rights issues?  Perhaps listen to the brain chip which notifies them that all people everywhere want is acceptance and love?  Perhaps ignore the chip that plants inexistent fear that someone different will destroy their own search for love, thus deem them unacceptable?  Aw, fear, you make us think outlandish thoughts.

Simple equality (and it really is quite simple) is what I pray for at night.  If this makes me a simple-minded, unrealistic, God-less hippy, then I’ll happily ride the groovy train and yell peace, brother in my apparent ignorance.  If I must ride the train alone, so be it, but this country’s historic transition and our next generation’s hopeful oblivion to this mess gives me hope that I won’t be riding alone.

God made us ALL, and so I feel confident saying God bless us ALL…even you, Michelle Bachmann. 🙂

love is love