An unfaithful husband confronts his broken wife minutes after she murders him.

  • Silver Award – Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, Stage Play Division
  • Silver Award – American Movie Awards, Stage Play Division
  • Official selection for the LA Theater Festival (fall 2015)

blood ring


FIND HIM – Short Film

along the road klu thinks

Two brothers, with seven hard years between them and different upbringings, search for the father who abandoned them and discover the difficult tie that binds them.

  • 2nd Place in The Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition

This low-budget drama is an actor’s showcase piece filled with pathos and heart.

FOOL ME ONCE – Comedy Pilot

A wounded-by-love woman creates children’s make-believe for a living while searching for her own life’s fairy tale endings.

  • Finalist in L.A. Comedy Scripts Competition (as feature adaption)
  • Semifinalist in PAGE International Screenplay Awards Contest

fool me once1

“I liked myself better when I wasn’t me.” Carol Burnett

SEEPING LINES – Feature Script

Two estranged siblings, with twenty years between them and little recollection of the other, reunite after the murder-suicide of their parents. Bitter resentments seep their way to reveal horrific family secrets which test their binding blood.

  • Semifinalist in Writers on the Storm Screenplay Contest
  • Semifinalist in Screenplay/Production Contest
  • Quarterfinalist in Page International Screenplay Contest
  • Quarterfinalist in BlueCat Screenplay Contest

This dark story unveils the curtain to shed light on the still-taboo issues of self-harm and mental illness.

sad eye thru glass klu thinks

NEXT DOOR – Feature Script

Two void-ridden, single-parent neighbors form a pseudo-family during trying times of broken growth and milestones.

  • Semifinalist in BlueCat Screenplay Contest
  • Quarterfinalist in Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting

This was written with a low-budget in mind and with the intention of being both a storyteller’s and an actor’s showcase piece.

next door1