About Me

I love, laugh, cry, hurt, recover, dream, make mistakes, have triumphs, have weaknesses, seek happiness, seek a wealth of health, and seek health in wealth.

My favorite quote is “Earth without art is just eh.” It’s true, at least it is in my life. A day without creativity is a breath without air. I can’t exist without it. My favorite outlets are writing and performance, and if singing in the car counts, then that rounds out my top three favorite creative outlets.

Another passion of mine is health – inner, outer, personal, global, mind, body, and spirit. Nothing kills my soul more than a lack of peace – inner, outer, personal, global, or in my mind, body, or spirit. While I have limited control on global peace, I have found solace for the rest through Young Living Essential Oils. Visit my page where I’m always so proud to share my journey to total health through an oiling lifestyle.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of birthdays – yours, mine, and others – because life should be celebrated – yours, mine, and others.

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