EndoFlex: Energy Lost and Energy FOUND!

Adrenal fatigue is when your adrenals cannot adequately meet the demands of stress (physical, emotional, psychological). This was me! All the coffee in the world wasn’t giving me the “pep” I needed to maintain motivation for an active day. My nutritionist suggested taking adrenal caps which were way above my priceline (the good ones anyway). I did some oil nerd research, which led me to EndoFlex.

EndoFlex contains sesame seed oil to easily penetrate the skin and is a blend of the following essential oils: Spearmint, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, German Chamomile, and Nutmeg. It can be diffused, applied topically to the thyroid and to the kidney/adrenal areas on the back, and taken internally.

The energy boost isn’t like a caffeine jolt with its accompanying crash. It’s a subtle, stamina-keeper for a long day. EndoFlex coupled with proper diet and exercise has truly supported my energy needs. Oil enthusiasts all have oils that they will never be without. EndoFlex is mine 🙂

EndoFlex (2)


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