Do YL Essential Oils “Cure” My Issues?

To begin, if anyone other than a certified medical professional tells you that they have a product that “cures” your issues in question, hide your wallet, run for the hills, and report that person and their product immediately…if you can get good cell reception in the hills that you’re hiding in, that is.

No. YLEOs do not cure your issues. What they do is provide powerful assistance and deep relief to alleviate your issues.

For example, let’s take one of my all time favorite YLEOs – Stress Away. I mean, the name gives away the oil’s intended use, but let me break down how it “cures” me when I use it (on the daily!).  So Stress Away has never paid my rent (rude), or confronted my mean boss at work (so rude), or found my soul mate (I can’t even talk about how rude this is). Stress Away has made me take a deep breath, relax and center myself, and proceed with my action or train of thought with a grounded approach.

Much in the way that meditation is recommended and used during times of disease treatments, so are therapeutic grade essential oils. Neither meditation nor essential oils are recommended to cure the disease, but rather to aid in the body’s overall desire to heal itself through complete health, which is the mind, body, and spirit. When one teeters, the other two often fall like dominos. The stronger the dominos, the harder they are to fall.

I hope the following goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: Always, always, always consult with your doctor about using any product when being treated for serious health issues…but you already knew this, right?

So be good to yourself so that your body will be good to you in return.

drinks stress away

…you can, but it’s “frowned upon.”




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