Why Young Living Is The ONLY Brand I’ll Use

So I’m not a big fad bandwagon-jumper, especially when it comes to health and nutrition, because reports never fail to surface that the “breakthrough” product/trend actually melts your kidneys, shrivels your heart, and makes you forget how to comb your hair. Yes you can join the inevitable class action lawsuit, but by the time it’s settled, you walk away with your cut of $35, gummy kidneys, a raisin heart, and messy hair. Yeaaahh, I’ll pass.

I did my research on essential oil brands and was floored by what is allowed to be bottled and sold. For my money (which I don’t care to waste), I want pure, therapeutic-grade, medicinal quality oils for addressing my personal issues of joint discomfort, skin irritations, and emotional grounding and balance. You can read the sexy graphic below, but I MUST tell you about my two favorite key elements that sold me on Young Living’s honesty and integrity:

  1. YL oils never expire. Bam! Only synthetic additives would make a pure-labeled oil expire.
  2. YL bottles their oils at first distillation. This is huge! Store bought oils and the greater majority of competitor brands bottle at complete distillation. Think of distillation in terms of making a cup of tea. First distillation is using the tea bag once and throwing it away. Complete distillation is using that same tea bag for upwards of five times and then bottling. Umm, I’ll have the first cup that functions as actual tea, thanks.

Okay, here’s that sexy, informative graphic for you:


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