My Surprise Journey Into Essential Oils

Before I got started with essential oils I thought they were 1. a complicated mystery liquid that mostly witches use, and 2. I would smell like Woodstock if I wore them. Umm, I was very wrong on both accounts. Well actually, I can’t speak for witches nor was I at Woodstock, BUT I can speak for essential oils NOT being complicated and for smelling absolutely refreshing!

The process of using essential oils goes like this:

  1. Acknowledge what you want to change (mood, insomnia, pain, skin, motivation, etc.).
  2. Choose the oil for this need (YLEOs come fully equipped with easy literature).
  3. Apply the oil as recommended or preferred (internally, topically, or diffused).
  4. Enjoy the change!

Our bodies are a most beautiful and precious machine, and like machines, they excel or break down when they operate at certain frequencies.  Check this out:



Contact me with any questions 🙂


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